Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aaaahhhh... The flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is warming up. I love Springtime!
I need to fertilize my poor, somewhat neglected flower beds - they endured frosty and wet
weather all winter and are in need of a boost of energy, a bit of a kick start. Sound familiar?
I feel like I need the same prescription.  Just like my beautiful flowers, I need to hydrate and eat
properly.  Taking care of my flowers seems to be an easier, consistent task.  Taking care of myself starts
off easy enough, but keeping up the consistency has always been a challenge for me. I decided to make of list of things to do for the upkeep of me:

Exercise daily (check, I love my tennis and jogging)
Eat well (check, veggies and fruits are at the top of my food list and protein is a must)
Take vitamins (check, this one I really struggle with - hate to take pills)
Hydrate (check, I now keep a glass on my kitchen counter to remind me to drink! Wine starts @ 5 :))
Be kind to my skin (check, sunscreen, moisturizer and removing all make up before bedtime)
Last but not least, have fun, slow down and enjoy the day (check, spend time with my family call my girlfriends, read a book)

Now that I have my flowers and myself on track, I am ready for the beautiful Spring days ahead.

Be kind to you.

                   My backyard flowers...

                               Bearded Irises

Things to do for me...

Relaxing by a fire
  Taking a walk by the water

Enjoying a concert

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